Wed 5 Apr 2017 16:15 - 17:00 at D2.06 - Demo 3

What if you could look at the source code behind any online visualization, understand how it works, run it to check the results using the latest data and modify the parameters to explore different aspects that you are interested in?

Tomas is a Visiting Researcher at the Alan Turing institute, working on tools for open data-driven storytelling. He is building tools that integrate with modern data sources (open government data, data published by citizen initiatives) and let users easily create analyses and visualizations that are linked to the original data source, making the analyses more transparent, reproducible, but also easy to adapt. His early work on the project can be found at

Tomas’ many other interests include open-source and functional programming (he is an active contributor to the F# ecosystem), programming language theory (his PhD thesis on “coeffects” develops a theory of context-aware programming language language), but also understanding programming through the perspective of philosophy of science.

Wed 5 Apr

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