Software developers and those involved with programming have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Analysis Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, Agile Patterns, and so on, represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems.

MiniPLoP brings together researchers, educators, and practitioners whose interests span a remarkably broad range of topics and who share an interest in exploring the power of the pattern form. MiniPLoP invites you to add your expertise to the growing corpus of patterns. MiniPLoP focuses on improving the expression of patterns. You will have the opportunity to refine and extend your patterns or pattern ideas with the help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts. You will also be able to discuss applications of patterns in industry and academia. Techniques for Pattern Mining will also be presented.

Highlights include group discussions on patterns, an introduction to pattern writing, an international keynote, and a writers’ workshop. This MiniPLoP at ‹Programming› 2017 has the goal to help beginners learn more about the pattern community.

MiniPLoP Format

We will use writers’ workshops, adapted from the workshops of literary circles, to provide highly concentrated feedback to authors. This format has been extensively used in software pattern conferences (the so called PLoP conferences) to improve patterns, as well as other writings associated with patterns, such as research papers on application of patterns. A description of writers’ workshops in pattern conferences can be found at:

MiniPLoP will include the following:

  • A keynote address by Takashi Iba
  • Introduction to writers’ workshops
  • Writers’ workshop
  • Pattern mining techniques

Organizers: Ademar Aguiar, Richard Gabriel, and Joseph Yoder

For more information contact:

Schedule: Monday April 3rd in Room D2.09

  • 09:00–10:30: Opening (Richard, Joe, and Ademar) – Keynote (Takashi Iba)
  • 10:30–11:00: coffee break
  • 11:00–12:00: Pattern Mining Workshop (Takashi and Joe)
  • 12:00–13:30: lunch
  • 13:30–15:00: Games and Writers’ Workshop (Richard)
  • 15:00–15:30: coffee break
  • 15:30–17:00: Writers’ Workshop and Closing (Richard, Joe, and Ademar)
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Mon 3 Apr

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09:00 - 10:30
Opening and KeynoteMiniPLoP at D2.09
Chair(s): Ademar Aguiar FEUP, Universidade do Porto, Richard P. Gabriel Dream Songs, Inc. & IBM Research, Joe Yoder The Refactory, Inc.
Day opening

Generations of Pattern Language: Architecture, Software, and Human ActionsMiniPLoP Keynote
K: Takashi Iba Keio University, Japan
11:00 - 12:00
Pattern Mining WorkshopMiniPLoP at D2.09
Chair(s): Takashi Iba Keio University, Japan, Joe Yoder The Refactory, Inc.
Pattern Mining Workshop

13:30 - 15:00
Writers' Workshop and GamesMiniPLoP at D2.09
Chair(s): Richard P. Gabriel Dream Songs, Inc. & IBM Research
Writers' Workshop and Games

15:30 - 17:00
Writers' Workshop and ClosingMiniPLoP at D2.09
Chair(s): Richard P. Gabriel Dream Songs, Inc. & IBM Research, Ademar Aguiar FEUP, Universidade do Porto, Joe Yoder The Refactory, Inc.
Writers' Workshop

Day closing

Call for Patterns

If you have some patterns or pattern ideas you would like to have branstormed or workshopped contact the organizers at: