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Name: Kim Mens

Bio: Kim Mens is full Professor in Computer Science at UCL university in Belgium, where he leads the RELEASeD research laboratory on software evolution and software development technology. He holds the degrees of Licentiate in Mathematics, Licentiate in Computer Science, and PhD in Computer Science. His main research interests include software development, software maintenance, software evolution and context-oriented programming with a particular emphasis on programming languages and tool support.

Country: Belgium

Affiliation: Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

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Research interests: software engineering, software evolution, software development tools, software maintenance, programming languages, object-oriented programming, context-oriented programming, program analysis, source code mining


LASSY 2017Author of Managing the Context Interaction Problem : A Classification of Conflict Resolution Techniques in Dynamically Adaptive Software Systems within the LASSY 2017-track
Author of Discussion and closing remarks within the LASSY 2017-track
Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the LASSY 2017-track
Co-chair of Welcome within the LASSY 2017-track
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