Mon 3 Apr 2017 13:30 - 15:00 at D2.13 - Invited Talk

Jörg Kienzle, Professor at the School of Computer Science of McGill University, Canada

The 1st Workshop on Reuse at the Language Level takes place March 17-24, 2017. Domain-Specific (Modeling) Languages (DSLs) aim at bridging the gap between the problem and solution spaces. They are usually small and intuitive software languages whose concepts and expressiveness are focused on a particular domain. As software languages are software too, the development of DSLs and their supporting environment (editors, generators, simulators, etc.) inherits the complexity of software development in general. Techniques for increasing reuse from one DSL to another and supporting the customization of legacy ones to meet new requirements may improve the quality of DSLs and allow DSLs to be created more quickly and and cheaply. Consequently, the benefits in terms of productivity when using DSL technologies may more easily offset the initial investment required in developing such DSLs. This talk reports on the findings of this workshop.

Mon 3 Apr
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13:30 - 15:00: Invited TalkMOMO at D2.13
13:30 - 15:00
Invited Talk: Towards Concern-Oriented Modularity in Software Language Engineering
K: Jörg KienzleMcGill University, Canada